There's a very good chance that you may have 3 friends who would really like to join Club Mahindra. Let us help you to identify them!
3 Tips to help you earn the full 30,000 Rupees worth of reward points!
  • Dig out your old address books to find long lost friends
  • Drop by your Facebook friends list to see who likes to holiday
  • Glance through your mobile phone contacts to locate new friends
Go on and have some fun with your friend spotting adventure!
Spot 1 friend for 10,000 points!

Spot a 2nd friend for 20,000 points!

Spot a 3rd friend for 30,000 points!

Terms & Conditions :
Your reward points will be credited after the referred individual(s) successfully becomes a Club Mahindra member, before Jan 31st 2014. The offer period is applicable till Jan 5th 2014. The offer is applicable only on a purchase of a 25 year Club Mahindra membership. The referred individual(s) should not be a member and/or a disqualified member of Club Mahindra. This exclusive offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Club Mahindra (MHRIL) reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer, anytime during the offer period.